My Services to get your Project into Orbit

Digital projects are not rocket-science, but most of them show high complexity and affect many disciplines.  Getting a project into orbit - a stable orbit - means to have a great vision, thoughtful strategy, and getting it done execution until launch. In stable orbit, we have established the fundament - be it processes, leadership, and technological frameworks - for continuous growth.

Tailored Consulting, Coaching, Training, and Facilitation for Execution of Digital Projects

My work is based on the principals of Design Thinking, Agile Manifesto, NVC Coaching, and my 20 years of experience in running digital businesses and projects. I am a certified Design Sprint and LEGO® Serious Play® Method Facilitator and an NVC practitioner.My services are tailored to client's needs. Examples are of my work are:

Design Sprint Facilitation
I facilitate the well-known 5-day ideation and prototyping process by Google Ventures.

LEGO Serious Play Workshop
As a certified facilitator of the method, I can create and execute various strategizing and team building workshops.

Project Express Kick-Off Workshop
Get everyone on the same page what your project is about and kick-start it.

Target-Group/Persona Workshop
Who is your customer or user of the project? Let's define it.

How-Might-We Requirements Engineering
A fast and efficient requirements engineering methods for everyone who knows best, what is needed.

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