I holistically facilitate large Digital Projects

For over a decade I've ideated, created, strategised, designed, developed, and managed websites, apps, digital products, advertising campaigns, and marketing automation for my clients. I've managed digital projects with up to seven figures budgets.

Most of my professional life I worked in Zurich for firms like Namics, Ogilvy, and Amazee Labs. The roles I took over were Technical Director, Consultant, Project Manager, acting Creative Director, Head of Operations, and deputy CEO.  I hold a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering and an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

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My work ethics

1. I share my knowledge
2. I communicate clearly and with heart
3. I show up on time
4. I am committed to the goal - also if it hurts

I am not working for companies or organisations, which do not value human rights, peace, and act against the fundamental interests of humankind.

Leadership & Diversity

I also work in some other areas. If you are interested, check out stefanie-hetjens.com.

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Stefanie Hetjens
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